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At the Central Florida International Trade Office (CFITO), we serve as your launchpad into the global market. As the primary organization devoted to nurturing international expansion in Central Florida, we extend a wealth of resources and support to regional businesses. From educational initiatives and insightful research to orchestrating strategic trade missions and fostering collaborative alliances, we are dedicated to empowering businesses to flourish on the world stage.

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We are your single point of contact for navigating international trade resources available in Central Florida.

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Your gateway to Central Florida trade, offering a comprehensive database and key logistics, shipping, and compliance contacts.

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CFITO's efforts connect Central Florida companies with foreign delegates through engaging seminars, meetings, and tours, sparking global business opportunities.

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Central Florida International Trade Office (CFITO)

Your premier gateway to the global marketplace.

Our mission is to facilitate the international expansion of Central Florida businesses by providing tailored resources and support, including educational programs, research, trade missions, and community partnerships.

With an unwavering dedication to excellence and innovation, CFITO supports businesses of all sizes to thrive on the international stage.

Whether your business is a seasoned exporter or new to global opportunities, CFITO is committed to helping your business succeed.

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Roger Colon
Program Director
Visit us at the National Entrepreneur Center
3201 E. Colonial Drive, Suite A20, Orlando, FL 32803
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Everything to know about exporting your products.

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The regional partners that help Central Florida businesses thrive.

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Can Your Business Export?
Virtually any business can export. Let CFITO show you how your business can prosper by entering the global marketplace.
Export Readiness
Join CFITO to learn about the benefits of international trade for your Orlando small business - and how you don't have to do it alone!
Exporting Fearlessly #1
Find out more about the services offered by the US Export Assistance Center for businesses seeking to export fearlessly.
Exporting Fearlessly #2
Learn about the grants and free services that Enterprise Florida can offer your business as you begin to export fearlessly!
Exporting Fearlessly #3
Get to know how the Central-North Florida District Export Council (DEC) can help your business export fearlessly!
Exporting Fearlessly #4
Learn how the Florida SBDC at UCF can help your business export fearlessly with their Export Marketing Plans (EMP).
Export Financing
Representatives of EXIM Bank and the SBA share tactics for exporters to prevent and manage payment and financing issues.
Global Supply Chains
Join our panel of experts for a discussion on how to fix the obvious and unforeseen kinks in your supply chain.

LEarning Series

U.S. & Foreign Commercial Services
This agency of the U.S. Department of Commerce helps exporters with U.S. nationality export goods and services produced in the U.S.
Export Readiness
How do you know if your business is ready to sell in international markets? Watch this video for more great advice from Oliver the export guy.
Intellectual Property
In this brief video, Oliver the export guy explains how to protect your intellectual property assets against unauthorized use in the global market.

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Our Mission

The Central Florida International Relations Team facilitates global connections by serving as a catalyst for international trade, foreign direct investment, and strategic governmental partnerships. We empower international delegations by providing comprehensive support and fostering a collaborative environment that drives Central Florida's economic prosperity and global status as a prime destination for business.

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Export Opportunities

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  • Commercial laundry equipment and pressing/ironing and steamers (very interested in industrial ironing for bedding and tablecloths)
  • Commercial laundry supplies: Stain remover chemicals for grease, ink, wine, etc., detergents, softeners, and disinfectants for industrial dry cleaning and laundromat.
  • Industrial and professional heavy duty sewing machines, parts and accessories.
  • Garment supplies: thread, zippers, needles, fabrics, Lycra
Sastreria y Lavanderia Angelo since 2011 specializes in providing the best quality service of laundry, dry cleaning and tailoring and repairs. The company manufacturers clothing, and provides dry cleaning to hospitals, restaurants, institutions and individuals.
Dominican Republic
  • New automobile parts: Genuine OEM (original equipment manufacturerand aftermarket and aftermarket parts for brands: Toyota, Honda,Mitsubishi, Nissan, Hyundai, Kia, Ford, Chevrolet
  • Bodywork: bumpers, car bonnet, fenders, headlights.
  • Rear lights: taillights, brake lights, reversing lights, turn signals
  • Mechanical parts: shock absorbers, engines and parts, bushings, rack &; pinion steering system
  • Radiators, tires (new)
Auto Distribuidora Perdomo Silvestre sells new and refurbished/used automobiles parts.
Dominican Republic
  • Food products and supermarket items: juices, cookies, candies, chocolates
  • Snacks in general
  • Canned food: sardines, tuna, vegetables, corn and other dry food product
  • Produce items
Casa R2 is a wholesaler and distributor of food products, dry and perishables, deli, produce, daily essentials as well as household items. The company imports and sells a wide range of products to cater to the needs of its customers.
Dominican Republic
  • Companies and individuals interested in establishing strategic alliances and/or being a representative of a U.S. company in the D.R.
  • Cargotec is a one-stop shop offering comprehensive services including customs, logistics, warehousing, legal, accounting and staffing services, creating/incorporating companies.
Cargotech VN stands as a leading company offering an extensive array of services, ranging from customs clearance with 9,000+ transactions, to warehousing and logistics solutions. With a track record of assisting in the incorporation of over 120 companies and providing staffing services for over 200 individuals. The company boasts expertise in accounting, taxation, and legal services. Cargotec is keen on engaging with potential partners and customers to expand its loyal customer base further.
Dominican Republic
  • New or refurbished supermarket meat and deli equipment and parts and
    freezers including meat grinders, meat slicers, meat cutters, bone saws,
    meat chopper slicers, meat tenderizers, deli meat slicers, scales.
  • Commercial and residential garage door openers
  • New or refurbished residential and commercial air conditioners
  • New or refurbished industrial, commercial, countertop, standing freezers
  • Video security systems
  • Interested in representing brands/products
JYC Scale & Equipment is a wholesaler and distributor of supermarket deli equipment. The company also sells and installs commercial and residential electric garage door openers and video security systems.
Dominican Republic
  • Raw material for plastic manufacturers: resins, masterbatch, and components.
  • Equipment for plastic manufacturers

Resinas Plasticas del Norte & Plastinor is an importer and wholesale distributor of resins, masterbatches and components. The company is interested in meeting with suppliers of raw material for all type of plastic manufacturers.
Dominican Republic
  • Metal structures for photovoltaics panels installation solar inverters
    manufactured in the USA.
  • Residential and commercial electric meters.
  • Any other commercial renewable energy products, batteries, UPS.
  • Products utilized in data centers for the network infrastructure (controls,
    terminals, accessories, battery systems, cartridges)
  • Car/truck batteries and tires manufacture red in the USA, most recognized
    American brand name lubricants.

Unitrade, SRL was established in 1991 and specializes in the installation configuration and maintenance of commercial renewable energy solutions. The company stands as a pioneer in technology, specializing in the design development and installation of electrical products, technical flooring, and mini data centers. UNITRADE is an authorized representative of Eaton Products. They import UPS systems, Battery Systems, Solar Panels and related accessories. Additionally, it operates a subsidiary in Puerto Rico, PROQUIP. RJ Soluciones is a leader in distributing automobiles batteries, lubricants, liquids, and other accessories.
Dominican Republic

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